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At BKN Bars we offer a full home bar setup service for private parties and home events all year round. Pull your own pub standard pint of beer or cider on draught from the comfort of your Home. Our system can have up to two lines of your favourite Lager, Beer or Prosecco on draught throughout the night.

Prices are competitive and all home bar hire includes:

- High Quality Draught Beer Tap System

- Beer Cooler (Available to serve cold drinks in under 30 mins)

- Gas Canister (This is used to pump the beer)

- BKN Bars can supply kegs at an additional cost (including the correct fittings)

- Glassware (Available upon request)

- Full install by our professional team

draught beer system hire


BKN Bars draught system hire




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"I hired the bar system for a birthday weekend. I loved being able to pour my own pints at home. Would highly recommend to anyone"

- Carl


What events can I hire you for?

Our home bar system can be hired for all occasions including: private parties, birthdays, anniversaries and summer events. Our draught beer system can be pretty much installed anywhere which means it can serve all events throughout the year.

What can I have on draught?

The BKN home bar system allows the user to have 2 keg lines on at a time. This means you can have almost any draught Lager, draught Beer or draught Prosecco on tap at your home or event.

What facilities do I need?

The BKN bar system requires ONLY a 13 amp mains plug socket. BKN Bars will supply the rest of the setup required to operate a fully functional home bar.

I can use the home bar system outside?

Yes. The BKN home bar system can be used outside as long as there is mains power to the beer cooler. However it is recommened that the beer cooler and kegs are not kept in direct sunlight as this can effect the system. BKN Bars would adhere to the advice given upon intial install.

How long does setup take?

Our home bar system can be installed within 30-45 minutes. However, please allow an additional 60 minutes for the cooler to reach temperature.

How much space do I need?

The full BKN Bars home system can fit under a small table. For full specifications of our system please contact us for further details and we will be able to advice on inidividual circumstances.

What if I have problems with the system?

It is very rare that there are problems with the system, however we have produced a troublehsooting guide which can be viewed here. If you are still having issues with the system, please contact us as a soon as possible and we will be able to help.

What happens if I damage the system?

This is very rare. If damage to any of the system, BKN would require a fee of £150 for damages.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for details.

Do BKN Bars provide glassware?

BKN Bars would recommended proper glassware for your event to ensure the full drinks experience. BKN can provide glassware for an additional fee, please contact us for further details.

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