Terms and Conditions



Upon booking BKN Bars Ltd will require a non-refundable deposit, which will be determined at time of enquiry and sent as part of a full event quotation. The deposit must be paid, unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing with the remaining balance payable no later than 1 day before the event date. Failure to provide the deposit, will result in 'no booking' and forfeiting of your event date. BKN Bars Ltd provides booking dates on a first come first served basis. Payment of the deposit is also deemed confirmation of agreeing with the full terms and conditions. Any payments not made in accordance with the above, may be surcharged at a rate of two and a half percent per month, or part thereof. 

BKN Bars Limited will also require a minimum spend deposit is refundable (up to the amount paid - £1000.00) that is spent by clients party on the day of the event behind the bar – this includes any prepaid drinks. In the event of cancellation the minimum spend deposit is fully refundable. Please note it will not be permitted for anyone to consume their own drinks at the event unless previously agreed in writing.

It is the responsibility of the client to organise an electric supply for BKN Bars Ltd, if the venue or client is not able to provide a suitable source of electricity an additional charge will be added to event quotation to cover the charge of an generator at the event location. BKN Bars Ltd will inform the client if this is the case prior to booking.

Bar opening and closing times will be discussed before booking and are in accordance with the TEN (Temporary Events Notice) if required, under no circumstance will these times be changed during the day of the event. 


In the event of the event being cancelled at any time after signing the contract, up to 50% of the contract value can be retained by BKN Bars Ltd. In the case of the event being postponed but re-booked to take place within one calendar month from the original event date, up to 10% of the contract value may be retained by BKN Bars Ltd. Postponement beyond one calendar month is deemed to be a cancellation of the event. 



BKN Bars Ltd are a fully licensed mobile bar and under license customers or any guests at any event are not permitted to bring their own alcoholic drinks for consumption. This is under a licensing condition and BKN Bars Ltd retain responsibility. BKN Bars Ltd reserve the right to take away unauthorised alcoholic drinks from the event. BKN Bars Ltd also reserve the right to cancel the event if unauthorised alcoholic drinks are consumed at the event. 

BKN Bars Ltd will provide a TEN (Temporary Events Notice) if required for the event. 

BKN Bars Ltd will operate under a personal license holder. The personal license holder is the bar manager for the event and at any point reserves the right to refuse to serve any customer or guests for any reason.

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase, attempt to purchase or consume alcohol at the event. BKN Bars Ltd would suggest that anyone who looks or could be thought to be under the age of 25 brings photographic ID/proof of age with them or we will not be able to serve them.


BKN Bars Ltd will refuse to serve anyone at the event who is or appears to be excessively drunk or uses threatening or abusive behaviour towards staff, customers or other guests. BKN Bars Ltd will also refuse to serve anyone who purchases or attempts to purchase alcohol for someone under the age of 18 or someone who has previously been refused alcohol by the bar staff. The decision on such matters will be taken by BKN Bar staff and will be final. The bar staff also reserve the right to close the bar at any time if in their opinion unruly or troublesome behaviour has arisen or is likely to arise.

BKN Bars Ltd requires a minimum set up time of 2 hour. This includes access to an electric supply, unless a generator is to be used and an additional charge for this has been agreed in writing prior to the event. Failure to provide an electric supply will result in delay of opening the bar. 

Disposable plastic glasses will be provided and are to be used at some events due to health and safety for clients and guests. BKN Bars Ltd agree to provide waste disposal facilities which will be removed by BKN Bars Ltd post event if stated. It is the clients responsibility to ensure all guests use the facilities provided, BKN Bars Ltd will not be held responsible for any actions or charges incurred for litter left at the event site. 

In the instance that glasses have been included in the bar package, it is the customers responsibility to ensure minimal breakages occur. Whist we understand breakages and damage does happen from time to time, BKN Bars reserve the right to add an appropriate charge for extensive breakages during the event, this will be relative to the cost of replacement item or items.

Water: The 2014 Order states that 'the responsible person must ensure that free potable water is provided on request for customers where it is reasonably available.' BKN Bars Ltd can provide clients or guests with appropriate glassware or disposable plastic glasses to help themselves to tap water on site where appropriate, however BKN Bars Ltd do not permit bar staff to leave the bar to do this for customers. Bottled water will be made available to purchase at every event for such instances. 

If site location is more than 75 miles from PR2 3SX, BKN Bars Ltd will charge 35p per mile to covered additional fuel charges and bar costs incurred. BKN Bars Ltd reserve the right the make this charge.

BKN Bars Ltd reserve the right to alter drinks menus provided prior to booking or on the day of the event. The client may not be notified of such changes until arrival at the event.


It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the venue location has the required access and parking for the BKN Bar, towing vehicle and one additional supporting vehicle. If under any circumstance access is deemed unsuitable for the BKN bar and towing vehicle. BKN Bars can refuse the right to provide the service and forfeit of the full deposit.

BKN Bars Limited cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to any persons or injury caused by the items or services which are under the customers responsibility.

BKN Bars Ltd will not be liable for customers providing the wrong information upon booking or in writing. It is the customers responsibility to provide all required details as requested by BKN Bars Ltd prior to booking.


BKN Bars Limited does not accept any liability for any failure to provide our services due to any circumstances beyond our control, (including flooding, fire, severe traffic congestion, car accidents or any foul weather conditions). 

In the event of us being unable to provide your chosen bar style on the day, we reserve the right to supply an alternative bar style. This may occur in the unlikely event of damage to a bar or it’s equipment immediately prior to your event which has proven non-repairable.

We hold a vast selection and stock of drinks on the day of the event. However, if one drink selection is favoured we may occasionally run out. If you are aware that your guests require an extensive amount of one drink type we will attempt to increase stock levels to accommodate your requirements this will be discussed with you prior to booking.


BKN Bars Limited Registered in England: 12856265


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